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Program Officer – Part-time Learning

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Dr. Richard Williamson
Program Lead

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The Leadership and Inclusion Certificate Program offered through Centennial has been an incredible learning experience. Not only am I able to access all of the information and curriculum online, the discussions lead through the student forum provides unique opportunities to interact with professionals from multiple sectors. This course has given the tools to lead my team with a new approach.
– Kelly Campbell - Leadership and Inclusion Certificate Program

Prior to starting the Leadership and Inclusion Certificate Program I despised online learning. After taking courses facilitated by Dr. Richard Williamson, I now not only enjoy all of the benefits of online learning as a student, I even started teaching online courses. This drastic shift in my perspective, and approach, to online learning is due to the incredible facilitation and engagement provided by Dr. Williamson. After successfully completing this program, I'm happy to share the fact that my online learning experience was absolutely amazing!
– Aly Virji - Leadership and Inclusion Certificate Program, April 2018

"The first part of the course encouraged me to move from 'thinking' to 'doing,' and I am now leading an initiative on my street to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. Not sure I would have had the courage before!"
– Sheena MacAskill, CCLI-100 Student

"I have been in leadership positions for over 10 years, and the program so far has furthered my understanding of the importance of embracing diversity and adhering to equitable practices. It has provided me with knowledge and skills which I apply in my daily decision making. I look forward to completing this program and acquiring this additional credential as I recognize that organizations are becoming more diverse."
– Constance Kusema, Operational Manager

“I’m in the current cohort of this course and am really enjoying it. We have a mixture of people from across the country with different levels of expertise, which makes for interesting discussions. I would recommend it to anyone interested in this topic.”
Carol Boulding, HR Manager, Staffing & Recruitment.​

“The partnership between CIDI and Centennial College created a rich and interactive Diversity and Inclusion course that is relevant and unique to the Canadian marketplace. As a leader and change agent, it enriched me personally and also provided me with increased knowledge and awareness to meet today’s diverse business needs.”​
– ​Jeannette Patoine, Manager, Talent Acquisition Programs, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

"I’ve found this course highly beneficial in expanding my self-awareness while building key leadership skills related to diversity and inclusion. Students benefit from CCDI’s expansive D&I expertise, as well as Centennial’s administrative support and user-friendly online platform. Both CCDI and Centennial are highly supportive and responsive to the unique needs of this diverse student group from across the country. I look forward to continuing on in this program and would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about diversity and inclusion. If you’re looking to learn more about a critically relevant and growing field, you’ve come to the right place."
– Richard Webster, Policy and Program Adviser, Office of the Fairness Commissioner​