Part-time Programs

Part-time Programs

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Earn a great education on a schedule that suits your busy life. Centennial's Media, Arts and Design programs explore your creative side and engage you in the communication of ideas through visual and audio means. Learn to translate concepts into tangible images, capture viewers' interest, inform and entertain. Part-time programs include recording arts, studio-based art and drawing, creative writing and digital media.

Media, Arts and Design Certificate Programs

Digital Publishing – 7671

This program is perfect for anyone with a strong interest in digital production, including project managers, designers and publishers of traditional or digital media. At the conclusion of the program, you will have the tools you need to produce quality design work for digital platforms.

Completion Requirements

Recording Arts – 7670

This Recording Arts program is an accelerated, applied program, designed for those who want to record, mix, edit and produce either music or spoken word. We’ll teach you professional recording techniques, along with the practical and digital skills you need to thrive in the industry. This program is suitable for anyone who wants to work as a technician, become a producer, or bring their own audio projects to life.

Completion Requirements

Professional Writing – 7360

This program will help you gain the skills and confidence to succeed as a writer. With an overall focus on getting work published, the program introduces you to a variety of writing opportunities and markets, and explores the business side of being a writer.

Completion Requirements

Three mandatory courses:

Plus, choose two elective courses from the following:

Web Development – Design – 7653

Web Development – Design will provide you with the specialized knowledge and skills required to design and publish professional 2D and 3D interactive content on the web. You will learn how to attract and engage communities of users by incorporating strong design, accessible interfaces and clear navigation.

Completion Requirements

Public Relations – 7542

This new certificate provides you with the fundamentals of public relations through six courses that introduce you to this dynamic, growing profession. This certificate is perfect for working professionals looking to upgrade their skills, or for students looking to study public relations on a part-time basis. Pathways Into Centennial College’s Ontario Graduate Certificate program are available.

Completion Requirements

Content Creation – 7540

Content creation for marketing is a growing discipline that is in demand by today’s businesses. This certificate gives you the skills necessary to start a career in content creation, or to enhance your current marketing practice. Learn how to create content that drives the bottom line and engages audiences.

Completion Requirements

Interactive and Digital Media – 7541

Expand your expertise in digital and interactive media with this new certificate designed to give you a competitive edge in the digital world. With a strong focus on user experience (UX), your ability to create meaningful digital experiences will give you the skills to succeed as an interactive media professional.

Completion Requirements

Standalone Courses

CG-050 - Fundamentals of Life Drawing         

Sharpen your analytic and artistic palate under the guidance of our expert instructors using a variety of media to capture your subjects. Whether you’re new to the arts or looking to touch up your skills, this hands-on introduction to fine art and technical drawing will help you find a style that’s all your own.

CG-051 - Design in 3D                     

In this introduction to three-dimensional design, you’ll get hands-on experience working with modelling clay, cardboard structures and 3D printing. Each project is student-driven, letting you develop practical skills while bringing your own vision off the page.

CG-052 - Art and Design Portfolio

Whether you’re applying for an art or design program or submitting your work for public exhibition, this course will help you to develop a portfolio that is dynamic and professional. Individualized coaching will help put your best foot forward, curating a body of work that truly reflects you as an artist.

CG-054 - Introduction to Graphic Storytelling

Get an introduction to sequential narrative and graphic storytelling, including comics.In this multidisciplinary class, you’ll learn to write, draw and pitch your own original story ideas to publishers and editors, or set up your own crowd-funding page and small business in the pursuit of a career in the comics industry.

CG-258 - Photography and Image Processing

This course combines the essentials of digital photography, with a foundation in image processing to help you create a professional-quality image. You will learn to get the most out of your digital SLR camera in order to take that perfect shot, then use Adobe Photoshop to bring out the best in your photos. Suitable for amateur or intermediate photographers.

CG-350 - Adobe After Effects         

Create motion graphics for film and TV using Adobe After Effects as you take projects in kinetic type, titling and branded animation through concept and storyboarding to complete digital realization. This course is designed to develop core skills and enhance your professional design portfolio.

ADCM-101 - Introduction to Direct Response

Direct response is one of the most effective marketing methods used by advertisers today. This course will focus on the latest in direct response strategies to help you enhance your career in this growing field, including how to develop customized customer solutions and direct response dashboards to monitor and optimize campaign performance.

ADCM-102 - Persuasive Communications       

Perfect for advertising and marketing professionals, or those looking to upgrade their sales and persuasion skills, this course focuses on how to negotiate, persuade and sell in a productive and ethical manner, and also includes the fundamentals of motivation and consumer behaviour theories.

ADCM-103 - Introduction to Mobile Marketing  

This course teaches communications professionals to understand and use mobile marketing throughout the customer journey. Focusing on the basics of mobile marketing, you will learn mobile marketing strategies and tactics you need to successfully increase awareness, engagement, transaction, loyalty and influence among prospects and consumers.

RECA-210 - Live Sound Production and Sound Reinforcement       

This course explores the fundamentals of sound production in a live performance setting. Topics of discussion will include audio console operation, signal processing, power amplifiers, crossovers, busing, monitor mixes, reducing feedback and microphone selection and placement.

RECA-288 - Sound Production for Film and Video     

This course covers professional techniques used to produce polished, high-quality soundtracks for film and video. Learn how to record and edit dialogue with sound effects, and study mixing sound tracks, ADR and Foley. Assignments include the production of a soundtrack for a short video.

RECA-350 - Advanced Music Production Practicum 

Students will learn about the stages of producing a professional recording through hands-on completion of a professional-quality recording project.

RECA-351 - Composition for Film and Television    

Get your feet wet composing music for film, TV or games in this 10-week intensive. Practical assignments will teach a variety of scoring techniques utilizing one voice or several voices, imitation, contrary emotion and foreground or background placement. You will also learn how to collaborate with editors and directors who may otherwise struggle to communicate their musical ideas. Upon completing this course, students will enter the marketplace with a personal musical library and a growing creative portfolio.

SING-100 - Raise Your Voice: Intro to Group Singing        

Explore new songs and musical styles along with old favourites in a supportive group singing class. You will gain confidence in your voice while taking part in a creative ensemble, learning about fundamental vocal techniques, breath control, tuning and how to project your voice. Self-assessments and in-class feedback will help you to reach your personal musical goals. If you enjoy singing, this course is for you.

SING-200 - Advanced Voice – Ensemble Performance          

This ensemble-based course is for singers with an interest in public or professional performance, rehearsing contemporary music in a wide range of musical genres from Roots to Pop to Blues. Singers will hone pitch, tone and blend working with grooves and developing proper microphone technique. With individual coaching and opportunities for group performance, this course will help bring your vocal work to the next level.

SING-300 - Songwriting Bootcamp

What makes a good song? What comes first, words or tune? In this intensive, we’ll look at songwriting methods exploring form, melody, harmony and rhythm. Learn innovative chord progressions and how to write lead sheets, and also develop lyric writing techniques, playing with patterns, rhyme and hook. You will write, record and perform songs, gaining valuable structured critique. This course is geared toward those with prior musical experience.

New Courses

SCUL-100 - Sculpting I

This course is an introduction to essential and influential traditional sculpting processes. The course empowers students to concentrate on figurative or abstract sculpture. In the introductory course they will learn the elementals of form and shape, creating still-life, landscape and animal figure sculpting in reliefs, through using water-based and oil clay. Students learn how to manipulate these materials and use sculpting tools safely. They also learn how to make and cast molds using waste mold. They explore and analyze art history of sculpting through the short lectures, discussion and critique and examine master sculptures. This course can be taken by beginning students with no art background or as continuation of art courses in a sculpture program

SCUL-110 - Sculpting II

This intermediate course addresses essential figure sculpting skills as the students learn to create effective human portraits in bas/mild-reliefs. The course emphasize formal and technical competence with the importance of knowing and understanding developments in sculpture from a historical point of view. It is an introduction to the concepts and topics relating to traditional relief portrait sculpture. This combined theatrical and practical course motivates a spacious exploration of materials while centering on fundamental traditional and compositional skills.

Recovery Courses

  • CO-120 - Creativity in Context
  • FAS-201 - Figure Drawing 3
  • MIAP-112 - Music Theory 1
  • MIAP-241 - Introduction to Audio Engineering

If you would like more information about Part-time Learning at the Story Arts Centre please contact or 416-289-5000, ext. 2246.