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Start your Performing Arts career at the Story Arts Centre

Start your Performing Arts career at the Story Arts Centre

Dance - Performance program students performing

Expand your artistic range with one of our outstanding performing arts programs.

Our unique programs in Dance, Music and Theatre will give you a foothold in the cultural industries in Canada and abroad.

Dance - Performance 
• 2 Year Diploma
This professional program will take your dance career to the next level.   Diversify your skills and sharpen your technique in Commercial dance, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Acro, Cultural, and Indigenous North American dance. 

Music Industry Arts and Performance 
• 3 Year Advanced Diploma
This performance-focused program specializes in popular, world, and indigenous music.  Enhance your musicality and creativity while developing your expertise in audio engineering and music business.

Performing Arts Fundamantals 
• 1 Year College Certificate
This program provides you with the foundation to explore a wide range of career opportunities in the performing arts.  Create a personal demo reel while developing core skills in music, theatre and dance. 

Theatre Arts and Performance
• 3 Year Advanced Diploma
Learn to thrive as a contemporary theatre artist in this industry-driven performance program.   Our courses in movement, voice and acting give you the skills you need to work across different genres and media while pushing your own creative boundaries.