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Janice Walker


Janice began her career in child and youth care practices right here at Centennial College, graduating in 1982. Upon graduation, she was hired full-time by her third-year placement in a youth psychiatric secure crisis setting. Her career in the field of child and youth care spans three decades and includes front-line work in residential settings as well as in the community, child protection services and school boards. Additionally, she managed and clinically supervised a child and youth care team for ten years, leading the tragic events response team along with other initiatives.

Demonstrating a belief in lifelong learning, she furthered her scholarly pursuits with the completion of a Bachelor's degree in Adult Education (Brock University, 2011) and pursued trainer-level certification in both Personality Dimensions and Restorative Justice. She also possesses certifications in trauma and crisis interventions (e.g. from the Trauma and Loss Institute and the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response). She has been teaching at Centennial College since 2002.