Pauline Camuti-Cull Image

Pauline Camuti-Cull

Professor and Coordinator - Progress Campus

Pauline Camuti-Cull began her studies in Early Childhood Education at Centennial College. Here she developed a passion for learning and commitment to the profession. She continued her studies at Ryerson University, where she completed her Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education (Honours). She then completed her post-graduate work at the Institute of Child Study at the University of Toronto. As a long-serving Professor and Coordinator of the Full-Time Early Childhood Education Program at Progress Campus, Pauline works passionately to support student learning. She is excited to share her practical and theoretic knowledge and recognizes and celebrates the experience and skills which students bring to their learning. She applies a “learner-centred” approach which motivates student engagement, facilitates success and optimizes the classroom experience. Her passion for the arts is incorporated into the classroom through the application of sensory rich and fun learning opportunities. Pauline teaches a range of courses in the program. Her primary areas of specialization include Curriculum and Child Abuse. She is committed to enhancing the quality early childhood education services available to children and families through community participation in an advocacy capacity.