Awards and Recognition

Recognition is part of a long standing tradition that stems right from the colleges humble beginnings. Centennial College has always stopped to recognize and appreciate both talent and excellence, honoring groups and individuals who help mould and nourish our shared vision.

The hard work and noble actions of many over the years have translated into a College known for its philanthropy, morals and educational standards. Today Centennial College is recognized, both nationally and internationally, for forming some of the brightest minds in a multitude of practices.

The School of Community and Health Studies continues in the schools footsteps and awards merit in many forms and shapes. Although we believe that everyone in the field of Community and Health deserves merit, our awards are designed to exemplify the dedication, best practices, ingenuity and the selfless acts of giving back to society.

The Office of the Dean will announce the nomination deadlines to the School of Community and Health Studies Faculty and Staff in March.