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'Heart of SCHS' Recognition Certificate

'Heart of SCHS' Recognition Certificate


To foster a culture of respect, gratitude and recognition. Build upon existing work to further the sense of community and common passion within the College, including the recognition of excellence, the celebration of success, the importance of learning-for-all and the responsibility of all employees to work for the betterment of the College and the students we serve. Give voice to our most vital constituencies to allow them to help shape our future, and theirs.

Commitment #8 - Our Book of Commitments, Second Edition, pg. 35, June 2013, Centennial College

The 'Heart of SCHS' Recognition Certificate recognizes and acknowledges individual or team achievements and contributions. An individual or team can self-nominate or be nominated for this recognition.

Criteria (one or more of the following):

Individual or team who has….

  • Enriched the lives of people around them i.e. staff, students, family and/or community.
  • Helped to create and maintain a fostering, appreciative, caring, and/or inspirational classroom or workplace environment
  • Participated in personal and/or professional development
  • Experienced personal triumph
  • Had an experience in/out of the workplace/classroom that has positively affected their life
  • Upgraded their skills (personal or professional)
  • Created a work environment that has inspired others to strive and achieve even greater professional and/or personal growth.