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Health Studies Clinical and Field Placements

Health Studies Clinical and Field Placements

Your Guide to Completing Placement Requirements

This page is intended for all new and returning Health Studies students to help you navigate and complete your clinical or field placement requirements. Please bookmark this page for future reference (this page is accessible through the Centennial College web site from a link on our School's home page).

The requirements for field placements are an integral part of being a health care professional. They are designed to protect you, the people you work with and those to whom you provide professional care. It is a requirement when you are seeking employment in your field. These requirements are needed to be renewed annually or periodically even if you continue to work in the same position. If this is new to you, it is recommended that you learn everything you need to know and make an active effort to be organized around making this a normal part of your commitment to working in the health care field.

Once you have completed all your requirements for clinical placement, you will need to submit your original documents through the ParaMed Requisite website, where a nurse will review your documents. Before you can submit your requirement documents, you must fill out the Consent Form included in the handbook. For more information on the Requisite System, please see the Clinical Placement Requirements Student Handbook that was also included in your freshman package. We encourage you to submit all of your documentation at the same time to simplify this process for you and reduce the cost of subsequent document submissions. For your convenience, extra information is available on the  Question and Answer page in regards to the steps in completing your documents and submitting them to the Requisite Nurse.

If you have any questions, you may email us at

Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires that international students must have a valid Co-op Work Permit in order to participate in clinical placements. Please write to or visit an International Centre at your campus for more information.

What Needs to be Done

All Health Studies students, prior to the start of each clinical or field placement, must demonstrate that they have fully met the following requirements (please see your program's specific pre-placement form as some programs do not require Standard First Aid, Mask Fit or some of the medical items):  

  • Clear Vulnerable Person's police check (must be issued within six months of your placement start date).
  • CPR level HCP (Health Care Provider) (valid for one year from the date of issue)
  • Standard First Aid Certification (valid for three years from the date of issue)
  • Influenza Vaccination (yearly in November)
  • Respiratory Mask Fit Certification (valid for two years except for the Paramedic program which is one year). Students can book their Mask Fit appointment through myCentennial by clicking on the “Student Services” tab and going to the “School of Community and Health Studies Booking”.
  • Clinical Pre-Placement Health Form (various components and timeframes). The form is included in your welcome package or can be picked provided by contacting:

Important Note: Health Studies programs of the School of Community and Health Studies do not accept the OESC (Ontario Educations Services Corporation) card as a valid police check. Students must present a clear Police Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening obtained from your local police services. Please see the Placement Requirements Student Handbook for more information. Important Note: First Aid and CPR certification must be provided by approved Canadian-based training. Original documents must be presented (Copies or certificates obtained through internet sources are not acceptable). 

If You are a New Student...

Depending on your background, you may need to act on most or all of these requirements. You should have received an information package from your program detailing what your program-specific requirements are along with additional information regarding how to go about completing these requirements. Should you not have received this package you email for this information.

Major Components of the Placement Requirements System

Police checks with vulnerable sector screening

Students must have their vulnerable sector police checks done in the region they reside in. Students who reside in the Greater Toronto Area must use the forms signed by the college. Ensure that you provide your: Full name, a program of study, student number, and police region. It is critical to note that each region has its own policies, application forms and the time frames between application and receiving your police check may take up to sixteen weeks. For more information, view the Frequently Visited Police Department.

Mask fit testing

All mask fit testing will be performed by trained School staff in our Health Studies Lab area. This allows us to better manage the scheduling for mask fit testing and provide you with a high level of service. Taking into account all of the placements for all of our programs, we have developed a mask fit testing schedule which will ensure that you have the opportunity to have this done prior to your first placement. All students who require mask fitting should book this themselves through their myCentennial account, normally during the semester prior to their first placement. Prior to your mask fit testing appointment, each student must complete a health questionnaire related to mask fit testing (entitled N-95 Respirator Health Questionnaire). Students are invited to download, fill-in and bring the completed questionnaire to their appointment. Download the N95 Respirator Health Questionnaire.

Critical Notes

If you miss your mask fit testing appointment: All students are expected to organize their schedules and activities to respect their assigned appointment time. We recommend that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. If you miss your appointment, you will be charged a $30 fee to rebook your appointment (cash only at time of next appointment). Only for documented medical or other critical reasons will this fee be waived, and only at the discretion of the Clinical Placement Administrative Officer. 

Handling of certification documents:  All students are expected to submit all original documentation for verification in advance of their first clinical or field placement to the ParaMed Requisite website for the nurse to approve your clearance to proceed to placement.  

We Need Your Assistance

In order for us to provide the best possible support to approximately 1500 other students, we look to you to familiarize yourself with all of these changes, particularly around grouping your requirements verification into one document submission. This will save you considerable time, money, and allow us to do our work more efficiently.