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Mock Disaster

Mock Disaster

Picture of Emergency service workers wheeling male out of a building

Happening once a year at Centennial College's Morningside Campus, the Mock Disaster is a special event that gives students from the School of Community and Health Studies a chance to test their skills in a realistic setting. The details change from year to year, but it’s always a simulation of a major, disastrous event, such as a train derailment, a fire in an apartment block, or a tornado leading to a blackout. Whatever the emergency, around 300 students have to use the skills they've practiced in their programs as they would in a real disaster, alongside real volunteer first responders and healthcare workers, including physicians, nurses, respiratory technologists, pharmacists and social work staff. The goal of the Mock Disaster is to give students practical learning, by showing them some of what they could face in their careers should a disaster occur, preparing them for critical decision-making. The event is made possible by the support of the School of Community and Health Studies staff and faculty, the dedication of the school's lab staff, and all the student volunteers who work to make it the best experience possible.