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The SETAS annual tech fair medals are designed and manufactured in-house by students and faculty of the Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Technology (AMAT) department. Under the direction of AMAT faculty Robert Mahabirsingh, students designed, iterated, prototyped and produced the medals using various alloys, like copper, aluminum and brass. This video showcases the CNC production of the brass medals using a CNC mill, as well as the fixturing and tooling designed by the AMAT faculty and student team. After the CNC process, the medals go through a meticulous post-processing procedure and inspection to make sure each medal represents the quality that our industry partners have grown to expect from our students. Featured in this video is Johnson Ejeh, a Mechanical Engineering Technology Co-op program graduate. Johnson is currently working as a successful CNC technologist with a major automotive manufacturing company in Ontario.

Deans' Trophy

The big winner! This is the best of the best.

All students in the winning group will have their name added to the Deans Trophy and forever will be part of this tradition. That is the SETAS version of the Stanley cup.

Innovation Award

Every project brings different levels of innovation. Why not to recognize the project that bring the most innovation? This award is sponsor by the Centennial College Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services (ARIES).

Social Innovation Award ** NEW**

The Government of Canada defines Social Innovation as:
“Social innovation is about developing new solutions to social or economic challenges. It can improve people’s quality of life through collaborating with new partners, testing creative ideas and measuring their impact… By innovating socially, community organizations can find new solutions to enduring problems and share them with others across the country and around the world.”

The introduction of the Social Innovation Award coincides with Centennial College’s commitment to Global Citizenship. This award will be presented to the project that will have the best vision on the impact it will bring to society.

Department Award

SETAS has four different departments. We also recognize the best of each area.