Centennial College will resume limited in-person lab instruction using a phased approach beginning on July 6

Dr. Ali Al-Rubaie Image

Dr. Ali Al-Rubaie


Dr. Ali Al-Rubaie received his PhD from Saint Petersburg State Electrical Engineering University in 1994. Presently, he is a Professor within the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science at Centennial College. Dr. Al-Rubaie areas of scholarly work include Computer Network protocols, Network Security and Mobile Health Systems and Security. He is also involved in applied research through Centennial’s Applied Research, Innovation and, Entrepreneurship Services (ARIES) and has contributed to projects/papers funded by ARIES. Al-Rubaie has advised many government agencies and public universities on a range of computer networks and security issues. During his career in higher education, he held many senior positions like Dean of School of Information Technology, Head of Computer Science Department and Director of University Computer Centre in addition to participating in many University executive bodies like University Council. Al-Rubaie is the team leader of Centennial’s Computer Systems/Networking cluster for CTAB/TAC accreditation and CCN Degree consent renewal. He has organized and managed several IT workshops for local community, high school students and teachers. Dr. Al-Rubaie has been awarded the distinguished 2018 John and Suanne Rouche Excellence Award in addition to many President’s Spirit awards. He is a Member of IEEE Computer Society since 2000.