CENTITALIA: Gusto Cultura!

Poster of the CentITALIA Cultuta event Picture of the Italian Taste logo on CentITALIA eventPicture of the Ministry of Sviluppo Economico in CentITALIA eventPicture of the Assocamerestero logo on CentITaliaPicture of the ICCO logo on CentITALIA event  

Italy’s contribution to gastronomy is undeniable. To this day, the food world looks to Italy as a source of culinary inspiration. Like any other cultural export, Italian food has spawned a legion of imitators in our increasingly globalized and competitive market place.

Centennial College and the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario (ICCO), supported by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, are proud to present CENTITALIA:Gusto Cultura! - a week-long event, from November 14-17, that aims to educate Torontonians about the unique qualities and characteristics of authentic Italian food, including DOP/IGP and other protected designations.

Picture of traditional Italian pizza

Official Opening

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Picture of Pizza being made from scratch

A Pizza Event

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Picture of The Local chef making an Italian pizza

Discover Italian Pizza

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Gusto Cultura

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Picture of Cristina Bowerman

Power of Women

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Picture of Cheese Wheel being cut up on Centitalia

Pentola d'Oro

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