Graduate Certificates

If you’re like a growing number of Centennial students — almost one in four, to be exact — you already have a university degree or college diploma, and you’re looking for additional education to complement your knowledge or move in an entirely new career direction.

Centennial College can be the perfect ‘finishing school’ for university students who’ve earned a good education and are now looking for employable skills. Our Project Management, International Business and Human Resources Management graduate certificate programs are popular destinations for graduates of universities.

Centennial’s graduate certificate programs are appealing because they’re affordable, short in duration — less than one calendar year — and many provide opportunities for hands-on work internships with employers. Our students tell us it’s a refreshing change from the lecture-based teaching that is standard on university campuses.

Take some time to browse our graduate certificate program offerings. You’ll find a compelling array of programs that lead to career fields you may have wondered about but never researched. Combined with your previous college or university experience, these programs can provide you with rapid and easy entry into the workforce!