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Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

Program Vocational Learning Outcomes

Program Vocational Learning Outcomes describe what graduates of the program have demonstrated they can do with the knowledge and skills they have achieved during their studies. The outcomes are closely tied to the needs of the workplace. Through assessment (e.g., assignments and tests), students verify their ability to reliably perform these outcomes before graduating.

  1. Collect, process and interpret data used to support international business 
  2. Develop, execute and analyze the results of a comprehensive global business plan which includes complete marketing, operations, financial and human resources strategies and tactics, taking into account the impact of various economic, legal, cultural, geographical, and political situations on international business 
  3. Conduct business with diverse populations using culturally appropriate methods in compliance with relevant national and international law, legislation, policies, and regulations. 
  4. Assist in the importing and exporting functions of a business. 
  5. Plan, direct, execute and evaluate individual and team projects 
  6. Implement strategies utilizing domestic and foreign government programs, policies, and agencies which facilitate international trade. 
  7. Apply financial knowledge and skill to the operation of an international business. 
  8. Apply leadership and teamwork skills establishing and maintaining working relationships with coworkers, supervisors, clients, customers and consumers 
  9. Apply quality control and assurance programs to sourcing and supplying. 
  10. Apply the principles of business ethics and international corporate responsibility. 
  11. Develop new products and services consistent with evolving market needs. 
  12. Evaluate the viability of marketing a product or service in an international market or markets. 
  13. Develop personal professional development strategies and plans to enhance leadership and management skills.