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Pathways to Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF)

Pathways to Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF)


Centennial College will be offering ACAF Applied Courses beginning January 2018 in a part-time, accelerated delivery mode.

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About the ACAF Pathway

Students will be required to complete five applied courses and achieve minimum 60%* to write the National ACAF Exam, leading to the ACAF credential, recognized by CPA. Admission requirements ideally include successful completion of the ACAF entry and technical accounting courses (like the Centennial College three-year advanced diploma). Although a diploma/certificate is not required, students must have successfully completed the prerequisite and technical accounting courses before enrolling in the applied courses. Technical accounting courses must be completed within 10 years of registering in the applied courses (applicable to auditing, tax, financial management).

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ACAF Entry Course Prerequisite Equivalency
Intro FA - Introductory Financial Accounting ACCT 112 & ACCT 221
Intro MA - Introductory Management Accounting ACCT 222 & ACCT 322
IFR1 - Intermediate Financial Reporting I** ACCT 256
IFR2 - Intermediate Financial Reporting II** ACCT 356
Law - Business Law BUSN 331
ACAF Technical Course Prerequisite Equivalency
AFR - Advanced Financial Accounting** ACCT 360 or ACCT 755 (offered online)
Finance - Corporate Finance* ACCT 224 & ACCT 334
Assurance - Audit and Assurance** ACCT 331 & ACCT 332
Tax - Taxation** ACCT 226 & ACCT 336
IMA - Intermediate Management Accounting* ACCT 222 & ACCT 322
IT - Information Technology ACCT 257 & ACCT 357
ACAF Applied Course Centennial Equivalent Course
Ethics in the Workplace** ACAF 100
Applied External Audit** ACAF 101
Applied Personal and Corporate Taxation** ACAF 102
Public Sector Financial Management Practice** ACAF 103
NFP Accounting & Related Topic** ACAF 104
Business Applications** ACAF 105
Accounting Software  - can be taken through SAGE University ACAF 106

Entry into certain Technical and Applied Courses requires completion of five entry courses. A minimum grade of 60 per cent is required in the courses denoted with an asterisk (*) and a passing grade in all other courses. Courses denoted with two asterisks (**)  are subject to both the 60 per cent minimum grade requirement noted above as well as the ten-year course currency of education policy.

To be considered for ACAF National Examination eligibility, students must have taken:

  1. The entry courses as outlined by the post-secondary institutions.
  2. The six technical courses.
  3. The five applied courses.