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The Employment Training Centre

Room C2-09 - Progress Campus


FAQ for Applicants

FAQ for Applicants

What is Second Career?

Second Career is a Ministry provincial initiative to assist those who have been laid off, and are returning to school for training and upgrading. Eligible candidates can receive tuition funds and expenses, including books, transportation and living allowances, on a case-by-case basis.

How do I know if I am eligible for Second Career?

If you were laid off since January 2005, you could be eligible for Second Career.

I would like to find out more about Second Career, what should I do?

If you have not done so yet, please contact the Employment Ontario at 1-800-387-5656. They will provide you with information regarding the nearest Assessment Centre to determine your eligibility for Second Career.

What happens when I meet an Employment Counsellor?

Once you have met eligibility, your Employment Counsellor at the Assessment Centre will work with you to determine a career path plan for you.

How do I enter into Second Career at Centennial College?

Once you know which full time program you are interested in taking, please visit the Centennial College website for a listing of all programs. Review the admission requirements for the program you are interested in. You can also pick up a copy of our Viewbook or Full-time Calendar from any of our campuses.

What if I am still not sure which program I want to take?

Your Employment Counsellor will assist you with deciding which program to take and your career search. If you would like to view our graduate employment statistics, please visit our Graduate Employment Indicators.

I have seen an Employment Counsellor and I was told to research the colleges. I have a list of questions to be answered and need to obtain college documentation including an Offer Letter for a program. Where can I get this information?

You can obtain the college documentation from the Employment Training Centre at Centennial College. This office assists all new applicants coming through Second Career at Centennial College.