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How learning English can expand your life and career

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Canada is a multicultural nation, and has always kept its doors open to newcomers from around the world. Toronto is an important multicultural hub of Canada, full of diversity. With so many of Toronto's citizens coming from outside the country, the city's languages are also diverse. Toronto is a city where over 140 languages are spoken.

That's why schools like Centennial College offer graduate certificate programs that teach English language learning in Toronto, giving international students the experience they need to succeed in college, or as preparation for university.

When coming to Canada, one of the most important things an immigrant must try to do is gain employment and education. A common barrier to this is language, and mentions that many immigrants settle near family, or other people from the same part of the world, creating a "safe zone” here only your own language is spoken. But as an immigrant, you need to learn to step out of that safe zone and learn the language of Canada, so you can get educated and

employed. If you can learn basic language skills, your employability rises, which is why, even if you can speak conversational english, getting properly educated in an ESL class will help you out.

There's more to learning English than simply getting employed, though. Being able to speak the local language well will help you in all aspects of Toronto life, from important things like going to the doctor, to simple things like being able to shop without needing a translator.

Learning english doesn't mean giving up your own culture. Instead, it means you get a new skill set, one that can make you smarter. Being bilingual makes you smarter, improving your cognitive skills along with your memory.

If you're looking to learn english in a college setting, Centennial College offers its General Arts and Sciences - English for Academic Purposes program. As a student, you'll be taught by dedicated ESL professionals, and taught how to build the english skills you need to succeed in university, college or a career. By getting those skills, you'll make your journey into Canadian culture a success.

By Anthony Geremia

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