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Four things a Pre-Health program can do for you

picture of Centennial College Pre-health program students in class studying together

You want to help people get healthy and you're into science, but you're still not sure what you want to do. Or maybe you do know what you want to do, but you're missing pre-requisites, or didn't finish high school. Centennial College has the solution in the form of the Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and Diplomas. It's got a complicated name, but the idea behind it is simple: In this college certificate program, you take a variety of courses in the health and science field, acquiring experience that will give you an educational foundation for whatever health sciences path you want to pursue further education in. Here's what it does:

It'll prepare you for the future

That's why the program exists: To prepare you for further education, so you start with a stable foundation of knowledge. If you're looking to get into Centennial College programs like Practical Nursing, Pharmacy Technician, or Massage Therapy, among others, this is where you can begin. It's particularly helpful if you're missing credits or qualifying credentials, including high school if you haven't finished it, as much of the program's curriculum counts towards admission into one of these college-level science programs. Furthermore, upon completion of the program, you can be eligible to transfer directly into programs like our Practical Nursing one, thanks to articulation agreements.

The program moves fast

This one's really simple: The Pre-Health certificate program only runs for one year, over two semesters, so taking it won't seriously alter the timeline of your education and career.

You'll experience a little bit of everything

Taking pre-health means that you'll be experiencing a variety of science subjects, such as biology and chemistry as well as mathematics and communications. In other words, you get a little taste of everything that the field has to offer. There's also a general education elective, meaning you can decide on another topic you'd like to learn. Speaking of decisions…

It'll help you pick a career path.

If you know you want to get into science and health, but aren't sure of the specific area, this program can help you make that choice, by letting you experience that broad variety of subject areas, so you can see what you like best, and perform best in. One of the ways you'll experience each subject is through how the program is taught, with an emphasis on learning through hands-on activities, and small-sized classes that allow for individualized attention. So, if you haven't picked a path, but know you want to help people, don't worry. We'll help you pick it!

By Anthony Geremia