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Get Content Savvy! Introducing Content Creation Basics

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Susan Varty, Managing Partner of HeadStart Copywriting, introduces her Content Creation course available through part-time learning at Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre this winter.

Bring your encyclopedic knowledge of movies to class and learn the framework for great business, PR and marketing content — and how to write it. We use some unconventional, yet ground-breaking books only content geeks have heard of, to hone in on content and PR writing strategies: Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller and Content Chemistry by Andy Crestodina.

In addition to these best practice guides (that I wished existed for me!), take advantage and learn from my years of trial and error running a copywriting agency to build great content for yourself, your PR clients and/or marketing at your current or future workplace. Not only get your content noticed by others, but learn how to distribute it and craft it for the online world – a world with an insatiable thirst for content!

What to Expect (Formal Course Stuff)

We will be exploring and defining how content can take many forms and what writing styles and techniques are required to make it effective. You will learn a framework that all content can be based on, as well as how to distribute it and what distribution channels are available and appropriate. Expect to go beyond what you “consume” every day and hone your writing skills to create engaging and shareable content.

Now the Good Stuff

To get it - all you have to do is register! The material we cover will serve as a foundation for all you do in PR, content marketing and copywriting - plus - debate my mistakes and talk about Star Wars.

Ready to get started? Click here to register.

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