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How to future-proof your career with Advertising and Media Management

Picture of student showing work to industry professionals

There’s nothing funnier than seeing a failed, awkward, out-of-date advertisement. But, of course, that’s never the goal of the people making or commissioning those advertisements. Advertising is a creative, important, lucrative career field, and if you want to enter it, you need to be up-to-date on the latest trends, particularly where the technology behind the industry is concerned. Centennial College’s Advertising and Media Management program is focused on the part of the industry that decides what gets made, how it’s made, and what it’s put out on, so if you want to be one of those decision makers, this program will give you more than just the skills. It’ll make sure you know exactly what’s happening in the advertising world, for a career that’s future proof. Here’s how it does it:

1. Special events that connect you to the industry

Speaking of making your career future-proof, that’s literally the title of the program’s most recent special event dedicated to industry trends. The Centennial College Media Summit: Future Proofing, is happening on November 20th, at the Velma Rogers Theatre in downtown Toronto, and will tell you exactly what you need to have a thriving career in the modern, evolving media landscape. You get put directly in front of industry leaders, who tell you straight-on what the current mood, trends and needs of the media world are, along with strategies to take advantage of it. Over the course of the day, topics include AI and robotics, Big Data, and specific media case studies. Any student, new or advanced, can benefit from it.

2. A program that the industry helps shape

This event was put on by the guiding force behind Advertising and Media Management at the college, its Program Advisory Committee, a team of advertising industry experts that make sure your education reflects what they know are the latest advances in the career field. It sounds dull, but Program Advisory Committees are important for making sure your education will lead to a career, and are the most effective way to keep a program current.

3. Opportunities to network with industry professionals

Keeping up with the industry involves getting your foot in the door, and that means networking with industry professionals, making sure they know who you are and what you’re about. At the Future Proofing event, here’s time built in for you to specifically network with the industry pros that are speaking to you.

4. Opportunities to participate in the workforce

Speaking of getting your foot in the door, like many Centennial College programs, Advertising and Media Management comes with a 14-week field placement that’ll see you spending time in the field, in a real position in the advertising world, taking the skills you learn in the program and applying them on-the-job. And before even doing that, the program is also connected to Tilt, the college’s student-run communications agency, which you’ll participate with, working on projects that’ll give you a chance to practice your skills, and build a portfolio to show the advertising world that you’ve got the skills, and you know where the future of the industry lies.

by Anthony Geremia