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Centennial College welcomes a wave of young talent at spring open house

Picture of a hallway in the Story Arts Centre with the words How Will You Tell Your Story on a wall

Centennial College welcomed several prospective students to their Spring Open House on Sunday March 3, 2019 at the Story Arts Centre campus.

The open house was an opportunity for students applying for the Fall semester to connect with the college by touring the campus and its facilities, and getting direct information about the centre and their interested program of study.

Domestic and international visitors were greeted by staff and current students in the lobby that had over 12 service stations displaying information and paraphernalia about the services accessible to students at Centennial College. The theme of the event was ‘You Belong’. Visitors were invited to a panel discussion with program representatives where they learned about the experiential learning style at Centennial College and it’s impact on students. Potential students, along with their family members also attended program information sessions.

Nate Horowitz, dean of the School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design, was very pleased with the open house. “I believe in our programs, the students and the faculty. Most of our programs are very strong and compete better than many of the programs at other colleges and frankly, some of the universities in the GTA. We are far stronger in the experiential work and in our industry connections, and we are known globally as a centre for excellence and storytelling, ” said Horowitz.

In addition to the academic presentations, the open house had several activities to engage students and they received a number of giveaways such as grab bags, cookies, pens, books, branded souvenirs and there was a prize draw of $3000 for any student who received admission for the Fall semester.

“Our goal is to make the students feel like they belong and I think they will respond very positively to the cash prize which will be very helpful in their decision making. It is a great way to give back to students and it’s great to start here at Centennial College with a $3000 credit,” said Samira Bullock, special events and campaign recruitment coordinator.

One student, Silver, who got accepted to study Theatre and Performing Arts said she liked the environment and was grateful for the student panellists’ experiences. Another student, Hannah, who applied to Advance Film and Television said, “I’m glad I came. This school is very specific to what I want to do. I learned a lot and it made me feel better about my decision. Going to the teachers and just talking with other students was a really good idea which helped me a lot.”

Open houses were held on March 3rd for Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre and the Downsview campus. Progress, Ashtonbee and Morningside campuses will host their Spring open houses on March 24th, beginning at 1pm.

Last year, Centennial College welcomed over 2000 potential students and their guests and is hoping to increase that number this year.

By Chantal Smith