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Quality education comes easily at SETAS

Female Information and Communication Engineering Technology student smiles while two peers and their computers are seen in the background


Students at Centennial’s School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science (SETAS) receive a high-quality education. There are 12 different laboratories for hands-on experience so students can put their rigorous academic training into practice. Industry leaders take notice of the programs, as Centennial leads in Canada with 24 accreditations by the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) through their Canadian Technology Accreditation Board. It also has five software programs that are accredited through the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), naming Centennial as the first Canadian college to receive dual accreditation by CIPS and the CCTT.

SETAS has three main departments: Applied Biological and Environmental Sciences, Information and Communication Engineering Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Technology which includes the Department of Mathematics and Physics. It has two office locations at Progress campus. The one on the A block is for the computers, networking and Information Technology (IT), while the E block is for the manufacturing and automation programs. It also has a location at Morningside campus, where students enrolled in biotechnology, environmental technology, architecture and science programs go to classes.

Individual math and physics courses are available, while three Technology Foundations certificate programs are available to prepare students for the three umbrella programs at SETAS as laid out by the departments. The technical programs award graduates with diplomas, advanced diplomas, Bachelor degrees, and graduate certificates. In addition, many programs have co-operative education, apprenticeship, and fast-track options, or a combination of the three.

The school is well-accomplished, having created a separate entity for applied research and development. In 2006, SETAS created the Centennial Energy Institute (CEI) to help the province of Ontario become more energy-efficient and develop sustainable energy generation.  CEI also engages in educational programs and events, offered to SETAS and the public. It aids in the updates of the curriculums of SETAS programs and creates workshops for students, professionals, and the public, such as the RETScreen Introductory Workshop which talked about renewable energy models. One major annual event is the E3 Symposium, bringing students and industry leaders together to discuss strategies for sustainable energy.

Technology is everywhere and Centennial is equipped to train future professionals in various industries. With its School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, students can enter careers in manufacturing and automation, environmental sciences, and software engineering. Centennial continues to work on having all of its SETAS programs achieve accreditation, demonstrating an education with high value.