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Improving Ontario’s energy economy with the Centennial Energy Institute

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Established in 2006, the Centennial Energy Institute (CEI) was created by the School of Engineering Technology & Applied Sciences (SETAS) at Centennial College to improve energy systems in Ontario. The three main focus of the group is: to develop educational and training programs for Centennial students and professionals; to develop external training programs, courses, and workshops; and to collaborate with various innovative companies to create an energy-efficient world with sustainable sources of energy. 

CEI responded to industry needs by creating the educational program at Centennial for Energy Systems Engineering. The two programs, which are Energy Systems Engineering Technician and Energy Systems Engineering Technology, are two-year diploma and three-year advanced diploma programs, respectively. They teach green building initiatives for the utility and construction sectors, focusing on sources like solar, wind, hydro, and fuel cells.

Industry professionals and those interested in energy technologies are invited to learn more about sustainable energy through the Centennial Energy Institute’s workshops. Some running for a total of 40 hours or three weeks, past workshops included the following: Hands-on Wind Energy Workshop, Hands-on Solar Energy Workshop, and the Introduction to Alternative Energy Technologies. A Certificate of Achievement is issued upon the successful completion of each workshop.

Applied research is a big part of CEI as it strives to discover new ways to use energy efficiently while decreasing the carbon footprint. It has partnered with businesses and energy firms in creating new ideas. One example is its partnership with Clear Blue Technologies and collaboration with Centennial’s School of Business for the off-grid hybrid streetlight, where wind and solar-powered streetlights were tested at Progress campus.