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Internationally-trained individuals can earn Canadian college credits faster

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If you have previous relevant education or experience in the program you are interested in enrolling, then a fast-track model route might be right for you.  Aimed at internationally-trained individuals, Centennial’s Fast Track programs advance students to the second year of studies, cutting the basic foundations which the students should have learned from previous studies or work experience. Fast track programs are accelerated programs where two-year diplomas can be completed within one year, while three-year diplomas can be completed in two years. 

The School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science offers fast track options for many of its programs, including ones with co-operative education. In the Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Technology Department, fast track is offered to the following programs: Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Energy Systems Engineering. In the Applied Biological and Environmental Science Department, the following programs have fast track options: Architectural Technology, Biotechnology, Environmental Technician and Technology, and Food Science Technology. Lastly, in the Information and Communication Engineering Technology Department, the following programs include a fast track route: Computer Systems, Electronics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Health Informatics Technology, Software Engineering, and Software Engineering (Interactive Gaming).

The fast track programs are beneficial for students to upgrade their knowledge and skills and incorporate them into the Canadian workplace. Not only will students learn current industry knowledge and enhance their expertise, but they are able to do so in less time than regular programs, saving them time and money, and getting them hired in the workplace faster. Additionally, Centennial provides specialized English-language training for technology occupations and Canadian work experience.