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Join the E3 Symposium for a discussion on water resource management

Female Information and Communication Engineering Technology student crosses her arms as she poses in the left frame of the photo, while her classmates fill in the rest of the frame in the background


An event to gather top educators, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and students, the annual E3 Symposium exists to help build an energy-efficient and sustainable Ontario. In partnership with the Centennial Energy Institute and the School of Engineering Technology & Applied Science, Education for a Sustainable Energy Economy (E3) is in its fourth year with the theme, “Economics of Water.” This is a whole-day event, with guest speakers and networking sessions.

Past E3 symposiums included discussion panels and displays of innovative products that will help save the future of energy. Last year’s event was titled “Sustaining Ontario's Future” and had presentations about innovations in the transportation and manufacturing sectors. Protecting the environment and maintaining a lucrative business are key goals of the event.

Registration for this year’s event is open. The E3 Symposium will be held on Friday, May 9, 2014, at the auditorium in the Library Building at Progress campus. Breakfast and lunch are available to all attendees. Join Centennial as it hosts a series of talks regarding the impact of water on businesses and the economy.