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Three reasons to go into electrical engineering

picture of two Centennial College Electrical Engineering Technician program students in a computer lab working with electronics

Electrical engineering is a growing career, increasingly important in our technology-driven society. You keep the lights on and the wheels turning in every machine-driven industry that exists, meaning you're always be needed. Enter the field, and you're the one that powers the planet.

You will be designing, testing and developing new equipment, and solving problems with the technology that already exists. You use math and physics, while working with your hands. You can apply these skills and knowledge to automation, robotics, instrumentation, communications, electrical maintenance and installation and power distribution and utilization. Here's why you want into the field:

1. The world relies on you

As much as we value how easier modern technology has made our lives, we all still rely on electricity to power it, or else everything comes to a halt. Before doctors, scientist, engineers, or anyone else can get to work, their tools need to be active, which is why this profession is so important, and why entering the trade will make you valuable. It's an expanding market in need of new talent, And there's jobs in it, too, according to Service Canada, since it's an expanding market that needs new talent, especially as older technicians retire. There's room for your career to grow and move around over time, too, thanks to interest in alternate energy sources like wind and solar power.

2. It blends a little bit of everything

If you like variety in your career, this involves a diverse range of knowledge and skills. It's a profession that finds a practical use for science and math, if that's your thing. Meanwhile, if you like working with your hands and tinkering with technology, it'll give you an outlet for that.

3. Centennial will show you how it's done

If you're interested in entering the field, Centennial College's Electrical Engineering Technology program can give you the hands-on skills you need to get into it. On top of the math and science in, you'll get to live the job in our laboratories at Progress Campus, where you'll be working with the same equipment you'll use during your career. You'll also work on a Capstone project at the end of the program, where you'll put the skills you picked up to work.

You're in the business of energy and power. Every business needs it, and it's up to you to keep the wheels turning. At Centennial College, we can give you the skills to become one of these experts.

By Anthony Geremia

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