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How Centennial College turns you into a Networking Professional

picture of a Centennial College CISCO Networking Professional certificate program student in class working

Many businesses use internal networks to share files instead of relying on outside tools like Dropbox or Skype. Internal networks are safer and more reliable, but if they go down, they can cost a company a lot of money. Unless the business happens to be a tech company, odds are that most of the people working there aren't qualified to repair it. So, when things go wrong, who do they call? If you know how the system works, the answer could be you.

Centennial College's CISCO Networking Professional certificate can make you the expert, invaluable to a company using CISCO Networking tools. Here's how the program can take a working professional, and make them key to a networked company's wellbeing.

1. Part-Time learning means you don't have to quit your job

This is a part-time certificate program, which means if you want to advance your career, feel like you've hit a wall at your current job, or want to change careers entirely, you can use this accreditation to gain an edge over your competition without having to sacrifice your work schedule.

Maybe you're ready to start a new career but can't go to school full-time, and need to upgrade your job to support your family. That's why part-time programming exists, to create education that fits your life.

2. We'll mix theory with practical experience

We won't just tell you how to work with networking technology, we'll show you in the laboratories we have on campus. Our School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science has 12 different types of labs, all equipped generously with modern tools and technology. When it comes to networking, we have the Data Centre Laboratory, where you'll be able to manipulate servers, switches, backup engines and other equipment, as well as get the chance to install, configure, and troubleshoot the same equipment. That way, you'll have logged actual experience time with the equipment you'll be using when this becomes a career.

3. We'll give you what you need to get the official certification

The Cisco Certified Network Professional certification is highly respected, and the goal of this intensive program is to give you what you need to pass the certification. Once you obtain it, you'll be able to proudly say that you're certified in CISCO networking technology professional, meaning you'll have more than just the skills: You'll have official recognition as well.

By Anthony Geremia

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