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Four reasons to learn business networking technology

picture of Centennial College CISCO Certified Networking Associate program students in class smiling at computers

At Centennial College, we offer a number of certificate programs designed for a business professional looking to upgrade their skills, and become a one-of-a-kind asset to their company. One such program is CISCO Certified Networking Associate. It's a certificate program in Toronto that gives you hands-on experience with Cisco networking technology, providing the groundwork for more advanced studies, such as obtaining the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. It's a part-time program, too, so you can learn without having to sacrifice your job. Here's why every business needs someone versed in networking technology:

1. Many businesses use their own network

Here's what CISCO itself says about why internal business networks are important. To sum it up, an internal network can do something as simple as allowing a company to share its files, to something more complex, like enabling voice and video chat over long distances. If your business has any special applications as well, that network can give all employees equal access. While it's possible to use standard internet tools like Dropbox or Skype, a company that has the money and values security will use their own internal network, as it's safer and more reliable.

2. These networks have to work, constantly

The big advantage of a company having an internal network is how it can improve their bottom line through increased productivity, security, customer service ability and cut costs. The flip side, however, is that the company itself assumes responsibility for making sure that network runs. When Skype goes down, it's Microsoft's problem. When a company's network goes down, it's on them, and could cost them thousands of dollars for every moment it's not online. That's where you come in.

3. How many people actually know how they work?

Unless the business using a network is a tech company, odds are that most of the people working there aren't technology professionals. So, when it goes down, who are they going to call? If you know how it works, the answer could be you.

4. If you become an expert, you'll be priceless

Most trades and other hands-on jobs make you a valuable professional for the same reason: You become an expert in something everyone needs, but few to none know how to use. In our program, we'll show you the basics of CISCO networking systems, and teach you both the hardware and software essentials. You can use this knowledge as a foundation to pursue further studies, and become the expert that holds the key to a modern business' success.

By Anthony Geremia

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