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Student takes hands-on skills to a whole new level

Male automotive student working on car with safety gloves and face mask


Centennial’s transportation programs are well-known to be hands-on, with real vehicles and systems to tinker during lab practices, and apprenticeship and co-op options for external training. However, one student went beyond his training grounds as he performed a duty of a good citizen while utilizing his technical skills from school.

In January 2014, Mark Okanigbe was driving on highway 401 when he noticed a stopped car. His intuitive skills went to overdrive and he decided to look into the situation further. He found an elderly couple stranded in the busy Ontario highway with a flat tire. Unable to call for help and change tires on their own, Mark offered his expertise.

“Don’t worry. I’m an automotive student at Centennial College,” Mark says to ease the couple on their situation.

The couple was so grateful to him that they had to notify the college of his good deed. Once the officials at the School of Transportation heard the news, they know that they have to recognize their bright learner.

A skilled School of Transportation student and a Good Samaritan at heart, Mark had good karma coming. He was presented with a special recognition by Dave Samalea, Chairperson of the Automotive and Motorcycle Programs. Mark displays the behaviour that Centennial stands for and values.