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Fix those dents and scratches with Auto Body Repair

picture of a Centennial College Auto Body Repair program student in the auto body repair garage

Automobiles are practically a culture of their own, and if you're not a part of it, it can leave you at a disadvantage, especially when you need that car fixed. Even if you're a great driver, accidents happen, like the time I hit a guard rail during a snowstorm. My car was fine, but my back bumper was dented. Damage to the outside of a car is just as important as on the inside, and when those accidents happen, you're going to need to turn to the expert for repairs. If you can become that expert, you'll be the one everyone brings their cars to when those inevitable accidents happen.

That's what Centennial College does with its Auto Body Repair Techniques program: Make you into the car repair expert. Even if you're starting with little to no experience, you can still become a car repair professional. In our school's automotive labs, you'll learn to become someone who fixes those dents and scratches, instead of having them fixed by others. This Toronto Automotive program only takes 36 weeks, can link to an apprenticeship, and contains the practical experience to turn you into an expert.

Learn on your feet

The best way to learn is by doing, and while you'll be gaining experience in our auto labs, it's better to be out on the field. In an apprenticeship, you'll be out on the field taking part in on-the-job training with an employer that's essentially hiring a new employee, and training them with college classes. As Canada's largest transportation school, Centennial College takes part in a great deal of automotive apprenticeships, including Auto Body Repair. Ultimately, the goal is to turn you into an expert in something that few people know, enabling you to help both yourself and others, and get a well-paying career out of it. When you have a skill everyone needs but few have, you'll be in a position that can set you up for life.

By Anthony Geremia

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