Stories of Career Resilience

Stories of Career Resilience

What does career resilience look like in action? What does it take to be resilient? What are the possibilities that arise as a result of being resilient? If you’re wondering how career resilience manifests in people’s lives, check out these stories to see how students, just like you, are adjusting to an uncertain job market — equipped with increased confidence, self-efficacy, hope and a realization of their existing strengths.

What is Your Isolation Story? Stories of Career Resilience 

Tell us what you are doing to contribute to your career goals and professional development during this time of isolation (interesting remote job, great volunteer opportunity, useful e-learning, etc..).  Email us your story and suggestions at

Recent Stories

"Hope [that] everyone is safe during these dark days that we have never seen in our life time. I am trying to make a small spotlight in my life during these dark days by using the time to learn Python and machine learning. I am also teaching all of my friends to make more spotlights hoping to make these dark days bright!

- Arasan Prakash (Student, Student, Automation and Robotics Department)

"We wanted to do something for our frontliners- Those who put their own lives on the line to care for the sick, for those who keep us safe and for those who keep our surroundings clean during this pandemic. So everyday (Monday - Friday) my mother cooks for 25-30 people. My sister and I pack the food, and our brother delivers to designated hospitals. Donations come from family and friends. Food suppliers have even donated their products to be included as viands."

- Franchesca Castaneda (Student, Hospitality- Hotel Operations Management)

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Becky Career Counsellor

Becky Robinson

Career Counsellor

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Sureka Kulasingham

Employment Advisor

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Elizabeth Manzato

Employment Advisor

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Maria Employment Advisor

Maria Pugliese

Employment Advisor

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Mabel Liu

Employment Advisor

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Annie Sun

Employment Advisor

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