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Design Jam Projects - Winter 2020

Design Jam Projects - Winter 2020

Centennial College Co-Curricular Student Learning and Development team

Centennial College Co-Curricular Student Learning and Development team, in collaboration with Marketing & Communications, are looking to launch an interactive, student-centered online resource that maps the complete inventory of co-curricular opportunities offered at Centennial College, including Career Services, leadership programming, Athletics and Wellness, and other services and activities. The Design Jam team will be responsible for conducting user observations and focus groups with students as the primary users of the resources, and creating detailed wireframes for webpage content.

Cultovo ​

Cultovo is a Canadian company that is building the first network of rain gauges in South America to track climate change. The company will establish its own network infrastructure to manage the receipt, storage, and display of rainfall data. The Design Jam team will be responsible for the planning, designing, developing and testing of the server infrastructure, and production of a secure portal for online data access.


DAPP is a mobile connections platform that helps people find others to attend events with for free. They have two projects that need the help of Design Jam teams:

Project One: Develop exciting new features for both the backend & frontend of their new app. The team of graduates will also be responsible for fixing bugs, creating location algorithms and improving user experience through cloud/ in-app messaging.

Project Two: Implement product marketing campaigns and help develop both short-term and long-term marketing strategies. The team will be executing campaigns, completing market research and reporting outcomes. Additionally, the Design Jam team will be tasked with increasing the DAPP’s brand awareness and preference through various marketing activities.

Dentsu Aegis Network

Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) has agencies that are market leaders across many different fields like Media, Creative, Data and Sponsorship. Being a part of the Solutions Team means that you would be working at a network-Level which gives great access to the various different types of Communications work that we do for our clients here at DAN. They are looking for help from two Design Jam teams:

Develop and launch Dentsu Social Solution - a new social media project that involves the development of a new platform that will change how our clients monitor and plan their social media presence and advertising. To create a product of real value we need to research the requirements of prospective clients to understand what it is that they would find useful in a tool like this. We currently need help doing this research and connecting these needs to the different departments across our network who have the skills to create this tool. This project will be carved up into key milestones that you will be working to meet. You will also be involved in launching this new product both internally and externally to new clients. 

Develop and launch Dentsu Content Production Hub - a new project that looks at the great work that our three creative agencies do currently and finding a way of having them work better together. This is a really exciting project that would bring you close to the workings of a creative agency across both the Creative Strategy and Creative Production involved in making advertisements. Having so many different moving parts means that we need extra close attention to deadlines and deliverables.

Droplet Smart Tech

Droplet Smart Tech is a Toronto-based company that specializes in manufacturing smartphone-based instruments for surface science measurements. They have two projects that need the help of Design Jam teams:

Manufacturing Project: Improving the manufacturing process and making some product redesigning, if necessary, to increase the speed and efficiency of the manufacturing. The goal is to simplify the process to cut the lead-time and manufacturing cost.

Digital Marketing Project: Planning, design, development and testing of the company’s current website. The end outcome would be rewriting website content, utilizing current SEO strategies and techniques and creating a search-engine friendly and mobile functioning site. It is also expected that a social media marketing strategy is developed.

EastEnd Vegan

EastEnd Vegan produces almond cheese and is actively seeking ways to reduce the waste created in this process. There are three major points in the production where a larger amount of waste is created and since they are unaware of how to reuse/upcycle these materials, it ends up going into the garbage and adds to greenhouse gas emissions. They are looking for a Design Jam team to uncover ways to reuse and/or upcycle the drainage from the cheese, the used cheesecloth and the lemon skins in order to reduce their carbon footprint and make their company truly sustainable.

Leadsopolis Inc.

Leadsopolis Inc. is an innovative digital marketing agency. They are looking for a Design Jam team to help them with digital marketing campaigns and designing projects. Graduates will have the opportunity to develop their skill on Facebook advertising, creative presentation, and on the platform the company utilizes to provide digital marketing services to clients.


SAROX is an Oshawa-based company providing condition monitoring solutions for industrial assets in different plants by analyzing their data. Their aim is to reduce unplanned shutdowns in plants by predicting failures in their assets. They are looking for a Design Jam team to help with their project by conducting global market research and improving the capability of their front-end and back-end software with existing algorithms and AI.

Senior Care Connect

Senior Care Connect is an online marketplace that enables families to find qualified caregivers at an affordable price. They have curated a project with a goal to increase their strategic partnership opportunities, drive up user-ship, and enhance product quality. They are looking for a Design Jam team to aid in their business development, marketing, and product development processes.

Settlement Assistance and Family Support Services (SAFSS)

Settlement Assistance and Family Support Services (SAFSS) aims to expand its existing employment services in order to effectively reduce barriers to employment and improve job readiness amongst newcomers from diverse cultural backgrounds. They are looking for a Design Jam team to develop monthly employment workshops with the assistance of visual aids, videos and interactive exercises. The team will also be responsible for creating a social media plan to promote workshops on digital platforms and print.

Teeva Media Inc.

Teeva Media Inc. is a full-service video production agency based in Toronto that specializes in custom creative content for businesses. They are looking for a Design Jam team to redesign their website using its existing Wordpress platform and utilize SEO strategies and techniques to create a search-engine friendly site. They would also like to develop an aesthetic and social media strategy to promote their content, showcase their processes, as well as engage existing and potential clients.


TiketFix is a mobile application company developed to help consumers pay or dispute law violation tickets effortlessly. They are working on a project to create an advertising and marketing strategy to find the most effective ways to increase the number of app downloads. The Design Jam team members will help with software and web development, social media and online advertising, sales, designing, and marketing.

Tiny Toronto

Tiny Toronto (http://tinyto.ca/) aims to provide a means for mitigating the effects of the booming real-estate market through the development of comfortable, attainable, and sustainable spaces for implementation in presently underutilized land. They would like a Design Jam team to coordinate customer communications, architectural design and building science. This will be done by analyzing industry data, contacting and establishing Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) through the AutoDesk Cloud, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through HubSpot Inbound.


Unplug is the world’s first autonomous, networked “intelligent plug”, designed to eliminate electricity waste, saving money and reducing environmental impact. Our Design Jam graduates will provide support with advancing the hardware development stage of Unplug, working on embedded software, electrical circuit design, and prototyping through 3D design.


X-CENTRIC is a brand new full-service marketing agency specializing in crafting unique marketing strategies across multiple media platforms aimed to maximize revenue and impressions for small and medium businesses. They are looking for a Design Jam team to help grow numerous business operations within their startup company. This gives graduates a unique opportunity to take a small business and build the necessary parameters required for scale.