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Design Jam for Employers

Design Jam for Employers

Does your company have a challenge you don’t have the time or resources to solve? Centennial College’s Design Jam can help you!

The Design Jam is a 10-week experiential learning opportunity for recent graduates to work in cross-disciplinary teams to solve industry challenges, including yours! Graduates gain industry experience and develop essential workplace and leadership skills with the guidance of industry mentors and employment advisors. This on-the-job experience is structured to strengthen transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving in working towards innovative solutions to business processes or products.

What’s in it for me as a Project Champion? 

Business Growth

The Design Jam can help provide solutions to process or product challenges in your organization, which can help improve productivity and help you grow your business.

Giving Back

By participating in Design Jam, organizations have an opportunity to contribute directly to the growth and employability of graduates – preparing them for the workforce by providing real on-the-job experience.

Networking Opportunities

By participating in the showcase and networking events, employers can build relationships with other organizations as well as with other departments within Centennial College.

What do I need to do as a Project Champion?

Project Requirements

  1. The project should be a product or process improvement for your company
  2.  The project should have a clear scope statement and expected project deliverables
  3. It must fit reasonably within the timeline of the program (max 20 hours a week for 10 weeks, approximately 200 hours)

Project Champion Requirements

Design Jam interns will be supported by Centennial Advising staff, however, the Project Champion (or a designate) will be expected to be available to provide mentorship, guidance, and feedback throughout the 10 weeks.

In addition to providing direct project support, Project Champions can participate in any of the following ways:

  • Connect Interns to Industry Mentors: Partner graduates with professionals within the organization to have at least one coffee meeting to provide mentorship and guidance to Design Jam interns on their job search
  • Be a Design Jam Internship Host: Provide physical space for graduate groups to work during the project
  • Be a Guest Speaker: Participate in the Design Jam showcase at the end of the 10 weeks as a guest or keynote speaker.

Ready to Submit a Project?

When you are ready to submit a project, please register your project proposal by filling out an online form. 

If you have questions or would like to discuss a project idea, contact Melanie Holmes at mholmes@centennialcollege.ca to find out more.