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Current Projects

Current Projects

Festival Printing

Festival Printing is a company that provides custom apparel printing services and printed clothing for men, women, and kids. Festival Printing asked their Design Jam team to help them develop and test their website and order management system. The graduates taking on this project are: Claudia Feliciano Torres (Software Engineering Technician), Rucha Bothre (Software Engineering Technician), and Xinghan Wang (Game-Art).

Illustrious Comics

Illustrious Comics is an indie comic hub, featuring dozens of indie comics from individual creators and larger independent publishers. Illustrious Comics challenged their Design Jam team to use analytics to determine what niche or target market they should focus on, and then assist in the creation of a title that meets that need. This project will be taken on by: Akshay Sharma (Event Management), Rolla Farhat (Fashion Business and Management), and Soyeon Lee (Software Engineering Technician).

Real Food for Real Kids

Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK) is a healthy catering company serving child care centers, elementary schools, and camps in the greater Toronto area. They are looking for Design Jam participants to aid them organize and map out the production streams of all their recipes to identify opportunities to increase efficiency. Working on this project are: Carla Oki (Business Supply Chain & Operations), Kajal (Food Science Technology), and Nisha Rani (Biotechnology Advanced).

SmartPoolSaver Inc.

SmartPoolSaver Inc. is a startup looking to create a new smart home device to aid in the management and maintenance of a home pool. The Design Jam participants will be responsible for the design, development and testing of prototypes of the device as well as the creation of a companion app for the device. The graduates tasked with this project are: Raveen Prasanna (Electromechanical Engineering Technician: Automation and Robotics), Dhaval Bhimani (Electronics Engineering Technician/Electromechanical Engineering Technician: Automation and Robotics), and Tirthrajsinh Chauhan (Mobile Application Development/Software Engineering Technician).

Unplug Electronics

Unplug Electronics is startup looking to create an innovative smart home device that eliminates household standby power consumption. Unplug Electronics challenged their Design Jam participants to create and test a prototype device. The graduates working on this project are: Baljit Kaur (Electronics Engineering Technician), and Colin Yau (Interactive Media Management).

Centennial College – Career Services

Career Services at Centennial College also had a project for Design Jam this semester. Their project for Design Jam is to do a complete inventory of all co-curricular opportunities offered at Centennial College, and then create a resources that highlighted all the co-curricular offerings and the employment skills these opportunities developed. The graduates working on this project are: Boby Thomas (Software Engineering Technology), Laxmi Pandey Dahal (Business Accounting), and Manveen Bhullar (Event Management).