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Angus Consulting Management Limited

Angus Consulting Management Limited

Employer Profile

Angus Consulting Management Limited (ACML) is one of Canada’s most established facility operations management companies. Today, we offer a variety of facilities management, operations and maintenance services to tens of millions of square feet of property across North America. We have extensive knowledge managing critical environments including data centres, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, central utility plants and most recently, Public Private Partnership (P3) projects. Our clients know they can rely on us to keep their buildings operating smoothly, continuously and at maximum efficiency. In 2020 Angus is placing a strong focus on finding fresh talent entering the facilities management job market. Our goal is provide you with valuable hands on experience and training to help cement the foundation of your career. Join, learn and grow with Angus Consulting Management!

Question and Answer

1. What are the benefits of working for your company as a summer student? What type of unique experience can a student gain from working for you?

Answer: "Competitive salary, great benefits, opportunities for grow with a clear career path, and valuable experience with the latest facilities and technology. a. Working in state of the art facilities with new technology, b. Gaining knowledge of  Mechanical Equipment & Building Automations Systems, c. Hands on experience dealing with real world situations and problems"

2. What qualities are you looking for in an ideal candidate?

Answer: "Eager to learn, great work ethic, passionate about work"

4. Can summer students continue working part time with your organization during the school year?

Answer: "yes"

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