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Employer Profile

Brightspark Canada is part of the largest group of travel professionals in the world. Together, we plan overnight educational tours for schools across the country to a wide variety of destinations within Canada, the United States, and beyond! Brightspark's goal is to serve up fun and inspiring travel experiences for students and their educators, and our team of educational Tour Leaders is a huge factor in our success.

We are hiring educational Tour Leaders for trips to Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal and Niagara Falls for our 2020 tours. Trips run from late April (as soon as exams are over) to June. On the road, our Tour Leaders manage all onsite logistics, deliver lots of great destination information, and make sure everyone is having a positive travel experience. For more information about our company and our Tour Leaders, visit www.brightsparktravel.ca.

Work Culture 

Watch the Video to learn more about Brightspark.

Question and Answer

1. What are the benefits of working for your company as a summer student? What type of unique experience can a student gain from working for you?

Answer: "Students gain valuable leadership skills by guiding the tours, their public speaking gets stronger, and they get to share their educational information with elementary and high school students, all while traveling to beautiful destinations."

2. What qualities are you looking for in an ideal candidate?

Answer: "We are looking for students who are passionate about learning and travel. Who look forward to sharing this passion with elementary and high school students to make their trips the best they can be."

3. What additional information can you provide about the summer job postings you have advertised with

Centennial College?

Answer: "The position starts after exams are over in April and goes until the end of June."

4. Can summer students continue working part time with your organization during the school year?

Answer: "There are some tours that run in the Fall and Winter and students are welcome to lead them should they have the time". 

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