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Earthbound Kids

Earthbound Kids

Employer Profile

Earthbound Kids connects children to natural fun in the safe and scenic setting of the Earthbound Kids tree farm. Inspiring their passion for the planet through adventure packed summer camps, active outdoor birthday parties and rich school programs. Earthbound Kids is looking for passionate, caring staff for the 2020 season. Please apply online through our website at jobs@earthbound. We are hiring for counsellor positions and speciality positions. Our interview and hiring process starts beginning of March, however we are now accepting applications. 

Question and Answer

1. What are the benefits of working for your company as a summer student? What type of unique experience can a student gain from working for you?

Answer: "A summer spent at Earthbound Kids can be life changing! While the opportunity to build into the lives of children is incredibly rewarding, you also have the benefit of working in the great outdoors, having fun and getting paid to do it! You will acquire marketable skills such a leadership, effective communication and teamwork while at the same time, gaining personal development in areas such as patience, perseverance and flexibility. Both the academic and corporate communities are quick to recognize that this type of work experience translates into excellent management and personnel skills."

2. What qualities are you looking for in an ideal candidate?

Answer: "An ideal candidate would have earned or are enrolled in a diploma/degree program in Early Childhood Education or related field or have a minimum of 3 years practical camp experience."

3. What additional information can you provide about the summer job postings you have advertised with Centennial College?

Answer: "For any additional information, do not hesitate to email staff@earthboundkids.ca or call us at 905-642-6087"

4. Can summer students continue working part time with your organization during the school year?

Answer: "Yes, during the Spring and Fall we have many opportunities to work part time.

5. What is it like to work in (name of town/city)?  Do you provide assistance with relocation/accommodations?  Is it easy to find a place to live for the summer?

Answer: "Earthbound Kids is located on a beautiful tree farm 5 minutes outside of Stouffville. There are no public transit options directly to Earthbound, however Earthbound staff have always helped each other get to work. We offer bus services from Sheppard, Gerrard and Markham. As well as have many staff who commute from Markham and Richmond Hill area who often carpool. In the past, we have also accommodated staff by picking them up at public transit stations in Markham and Stouffville.

From Stouffville, we have many staff who ride their bike or even walk to work.

We do not provide accommodation or assistance with relocation in our Stouffville location. Our Stouffville location hours are from 9am-430pm, with opportunities to work from 7am-9am and 430pm-630pm. We also have many events during the weekends which we need staff for.

Our Schomberg location is an overnight camp and if you are interested in working there, please apply and please state you are interested in the Schomberg location."

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