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Heart Beatz/Cliffcrest Community Centre

Heart Beatz/Cliffcrest Community Centre

Employer Profile

Heart Beatz/Cliffcrest Community Centre is a registered charity in Scarborough that operates youth programs, childcare centre and an EarlyON Child & Family drop in centre. We recruit students each summer to fill roles in each of our divisions in the summer months. 

Question and Answer

1. What are the benefits of working for your company as a summer student? What type of unique experience can a student gain from working for you?

Answer: "Hands on experience working with children/youth."

2. What qualities are you looking for in an ideal candidate?

Answer: "Professional, punctual, reliable, patient, flexible, good communication skills, positive attitude."

4. Can summer students continue working part time with your organization during the school year?

Answer: "Possibly."

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