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Online Fair - Jasper Skytram

Online Fair - Jasper Skytram

Employer Profile

The Jasper SkyTram is Jasper's top tourist attraction hosting thousands of visitors each summer to enjoy the spectacular views from the top of Whistlers Mountain. The Jasper SkyTram is Canada’s longest and highest aerial tramway. While there, you will discover views unsurpassed anywhere in the Canadian Rockies with 5 major mountain ranges, 2 river systems, glacier blue lakes.
We try to recruit as many locals / Canadians as possible through the postings on our website and various colleges / universities across Canada that offer courses in travel and tourism. Since Jasper is a highly attractive location for foreign workers we also hire a large number of employees from other countries with the help of different agencies. 

Question and Answer

1. What are the benefits of working for your company as a summer student? What type of unique experience can a student gain from working for you?

Answer: "Working at the Jasper SkyTram is the perfect opportunity for anyone who enjoys living an active outdoor lifestyle. Jasper SkyTram has a young vibrant atmosphere that provides spectacular adventures. There is a real sense of community working at at the SkyTram. Simply because you reside in Jasper and because you work at “Jasper’s Peak Attraction” means that many of the 2 million visitors will look to you for information, and by your example can learn to better understand and respect what makes this such a unique setting. With so many travellers, the long term survival of this park depends on the conduct of all staff from every business to teach by example."

2. What qualities are you looking for in an ideal candidate?

Answer: "We're looking for enthusiastic, friendly, fun, self-motivated individuals who take direction well. "

3. What additional information can you provide about the summer job postings you have advertised with Centennial College?

Answer: "Jasper SkyTram’s corporate motto is 'To provide a fun and friendly experience that’s head and shoulders above all others'. All means everyone - both visitors to Jasper SkyTram and to their staff. If you want to be a part of making the 2019 season awesome then interview with us! "

4. Can summer students continue working part time with your organization during the school year?

Answer: "No"

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