Virtual Fair - Intellimeter Canada Inc

Virtual Fair - Intellimeter Canada Inc

The Employer

Intellimeter is dedicated to engineering industry-leading sub-metering systems that equip clients with real time, detailed and accurate information for better energy and utility management. Our patented products enable our clients to monitor and track your their electrical, gas, BTU and water usage.

They can see exactly where and when they are using energy, and take immediate and measurable action on utility spend. We always aspire to reach higher and achieve those significant breakthroughs that impress our clients and resonate throughout the industry, while always striving to serve our customers with professionalism. Innovation is one of our core values, as the company grew, it developed a reputation for not only creating ambitious new technologies in the energy sector, but also for evolving these technologies to be smaller, faster and more efficient for its customers. Today, Intellimeter counts with a strong team of engineers, administrators and employees. The core principles remain strongly rooted in our culture. This, in addition to our innovative forethought and meticulous attention to detail is what continues to set us apart, seizing opportunities throughout the USA, Canada, and global markets.

Job Opportunities

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  • 46326- Assembly/Service Technician
  • 46328- Technical Inside Sales Representative
  • 46345- Marketing Assistant

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