Faculty Presenters and Graduate Name Readers are those faculty or staff who have been identified to read a group of graduate names as they process across the stage. For the most part the reader will be announcing the names from his or her program(s). This is an important role as graduates have worked hard to hear their name read and family members and supporters of that graduate also want to hear their name read aloud. Please read their name as it is written on the processional card, do not use a nick name or shortened name that may have been used in the classroom, and ensure that you read the with Honours or High Honours identifier if it is on the processional card.

Important information for Presenters

  • Once you have your gown please proceed to the Graduate Marshalling area, at least 30 minutes before a ceremony. If the weather is nice the marshalling area will be on the north east side of the Athletic and Wellness Centre (AWC), if it is raining it will be inside the Main Events Hall.

  • Faculty presenters will be seated with their graduates. A Graduate Marshal can assist you to find the right line-up to be with. They will be wearing a black gown with a gold stole or liripipe. Graduates are lined up by program and by alphabetical order, please assist getting graduates into alpha order.

  • Faculty presenters will process into the ceremony with the graduates and will be seated with the graduates. Marshals will call the graduates to line up, row by row, please follow with the graduates.

  • When you reach the podium on the left side of the stage this is where you will read the graduate names from. Each graduate will have a processional card that has their name printed on it and with honours or high honours. The grad will hand you the card and you will read the graduate name and place the card into the box in the podium.

  • You will continue to read all the graduate names until the next faculty presenter arrives.

  • When you are done you can process across the stage and return to the next empty seat in the row.

  • At the end of the ceremony, you will process out of the AWC following the graduates.