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What you need to know about appealing your grades

What you need to know about appealing your grades


Talk to your instructor first: Before you file a formal grade appeal, have a discussion with your instructor to explore possible solutions.


If the issue isn’t resolved after speaking to your instructor, you may consider filing a formal grade appeal: Review the grounds for a grade appeal. If you think you have grounds, download and complete the grade appeal form.

Grounds for an appeal:

  • There was an error in calculating your grade
  • Your grade does not reflect your academic performance or the stated assessment criteria

Not grounds for an appeal:

  • Your instructor is a hard marker
  • The assignment/test was too difficult
  • You were disappointed with the mark because you put in a lot of effort
  • GPA requirements or financial considerations


Note the deadline to make an appeal: Appeals must be made within 10 business days of the release of the grade.


Don’t forget to include a written letter and supporting documentation in your grade appeal package: You must include a letter outlining the reasons you are appealing your grade and your expected outcome. To find out where to drop off your appeal package, visit or contact the main office of your program.


Reach out for support if you get stuck:  The Student Experience Office, CCSAI Student Advocates and your Success Advisor can help you navigate the grade appeal process:

  1. Grade Appeal Clinics: The Student Experience Office and CCSAI hold drop-in sessions to provide you with information and coaching on putting together your grade appeal application. For upcoming clinic dates and locations, please contact the Student Experience Office.
  2. Student Advocates: CCSAI student advocates can guide you through the appeal process, help you reach your instructor or accompany you to a meeting. Call 416-289-5000, ext. 2245 to book an appointment with an advocate.
  3. Student Experience Office: If you have questions about the Grade Appeals policy, please contact the Student Experience Office at studentexperience@centennialcollege.ca

Click here to download our grade appeal tip sheet