Room Floor Plans

Common Areas on each floor:
Kitchen, Lounge, Group Study Room, Individual Study Room

Moving-In with Roommates:
Moving into residence can be the first time most students have lived with a roommate. We know this can be stressful for some of you, so here are some tips to make the transition a little easier. Discussing your expectations from each other is always a good idea. Some questions you might discuss are:

  • Will you spend a lot of time in the room? Will it bother you if I do/don’t?
  • Where/when do you like to study? What are your expectations around studying in the room?
  • When do you typically wake up/go to bed?
  • How will we handle/share cleaning?
  • Is it okay to share items? What is off-limits? 
  • How do you feel about having guests stay in the room and for how long? 

*Please review Residence Policies & Procedures Handbook for Guest Policy

It may seem obvious, but communication is the key to a successful roommate experience. If any problems arise, discuss the issue right away rather than waiting. Not only will the problem seem worse as time passes, but your roommate might mistake your silence for permission to continue acting the same way.

If you have been assigned a roommate, we understand there may be concerns to resolve. The best way to effectively work toward solutions is to have honest discussions about your lifestyles and habits. Using the questions listed above, you will be required to fill out together a ‘Resident Agreement’ on arrival that should help your living arrangements. This ‘Agreement’ will be submitted to the Residence Assistant for safekeeping and reference, should an issue arise in the future. Remember, it will take ongoing communication throughout the year to ensure mutual understanding and respect. Be open and honest, and respect the opinions of your roommate.

If conflict does arise, here are some tips about how to approach the situation:

  • Be honest about your feelings, likes, and dislikes.
  • Be willing to compromise, but determine which issues you will not be able to compromise on and which ones you are willing to negotiate.
  • Give your roommate the respect, consideration, and understanding you expect in return.
  • Set aside the appropriate amount of time for a complete conversation.
  • Discuss roommate problems with your roommate or Residence Life Staff only, rather than complaining to others.
  • Values, feelings and ideas change. Don't feel betrayed if your roommate seems different after a while.
  • Finally, don’t judge if your roommate’s views are different than yours.  You don’t need to agree on your views to be respectful.

Learning to get along with others provides opportunities to learn life skills. Residence Life Staff members are highly-trained and skilled problem solvers and conflict-resolution experts, so make sure you involve them if you deem it necessary. We only switch roommates as a last resort, and we encourage you to really try and make things work before requesting a change. 

4 bedroom -2 bath render
4 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom
2 bedroom -1 bath render-Shared
2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom 
2 shared bedroom -1 bath render-Shared
2 Shared Bedroom, 1 Bathroom