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The Residence offers great security from the moment you pass through the controlled main entrance, until you slide your electronic card into your suite door to let yourself in.

We believe the safety and security of our guests and staff is paramount. To that end, we require that all visitors in the building be registered prior to entry and provide a valid piece of photo-identification. All of the common areas are video recorded and we have staff on duty 24 hours a day.

Safety and security is also the responsibility of every resident. All the safeguards and rules put in place by the Residence management and the Institution are for your safety and protection. Circumventing rules by lending key cards or letting in visitors without permission can only lead to problems. Lock your room and suites door at all times and do not leave your valuables unattended, as neither the Residence nor the college is responsible for missing items.

Do not leave your suite door open at any time. This would include having your door "propped open". If you intend on having guests stay over please be sure to sign them in at the front desk.