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Health and Wellness at Centennial

View our infographic about how the health and wellness of Centennial College students, according to the National College Health Assessment Survey, 2016.

Keeping you Healthy

To get the most out of your education, it’s important to stay healthy. That’s why we offer these service to help keep both your mind and body in shape so you’re active, sharp and ready to learn.

On-Campus Resources

Know what are the resources available on campus so you can maintain your health and wellness.

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Off-Campus Resources

There are many resources available to you off-campus to help you being healthy.

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Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is about more than just your physical or mental health. Several factors contribute to your quality of life. Centennial College uses a model that identifies seven dimensions of wellness, all of which act and interact in ways that enhance your ability to enjoy life and deal with challenges.

Physical Wellness

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Occupational Wellness

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Social Wellness

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Mental Wellness

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Intellectual Wellness

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Spiritual Wellness

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Emotional Wellness

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Thriving at Centennial

A campus-wide initiative designed to promote positive mental health and well-being for all members of our Centennial community.

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Student Health Plans

As a Centennial student, you have access to health coverage. Learn more about your coverage.

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Framework and Strategy

Access our Health and Wellness brochure and the College's Health and Wellness Strategy and Framework documents.

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National College Health Assessment

The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) is an internationally recognized comprehensive study capturing students’ health behaviours and perceptions.

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