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Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle that allows you to get through your daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress. Adopting healthy behaviours such as engaging in regular physical activity, eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep contributes to optimal physical wellness. Equally as important is avoiding behaviours that can negatively impact your physical wellness such as misusing tobacco, alcohol and other substances.

Physical Activity

Physical activity and overall health and well-being are positively linked, according to a large body of research. So, the benefits of regular exercise extend far beyond the prevention of diseases associated with the heart, lungs and connective tissue. Among other benefits are improved cognitive function, self-esteem and memory as well as a reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety — all of which contribute to a healthier mind. You can get moving and active, on and off campus, in numerous ways.


Proper rest is important for good health and well-being, yet we often sacrifice sleep when faced with a packed schedule of classes, tests, part-time jobs and socializing. Adults should aim to get between six to nine hours of sleep each night to enhance cognitive, academic and even athletic performance. Getting the recommended amount of sleep also reduces the risk of developing heart disease and contributes to healthy body weight management. Campus resources can help you to implement healthy sleeping habits by exploring behaviour change strategies.


As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. Canada’s Food Guide recommends that adults consume seven to 10 servings of vegetables and fruits a day. In 2016, less than five percent of Centennial students reported reaching that target. Choosing healthy food can sometimes be difficult because you may not know what you should be looking for, how to read nutrition labels or have access to healthy food. Use our on-campus resources as guides in the right direction to consuming healthy and nutritious food.


Did you know that massage therapy has been found to help with anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, stress-related insomnia and more? Meanwhile, acupuncture is an effective treatment for diseases, symptoms and conditions such as allergic rhinitis, hypertension, low back pain, Rheumatoid arthritis and sprains. On-campus services include access to both massage therapy and acupuncture. We also have multiple community partnerships to address your individual health needs. 


One in four Canadian young adults smokes their first cigarette before the age of 18. It’s common knowledge that smoking increases your risk of developing cancer, lung disease and heart disease. And while you’re more likely to adhere to a tobacco-free lifestyle if you quit before the age of 30, within a year of quitting at any age your added risk of smoking-related heart disease or stroke is cut in half. Check out some of the resources you can take advantage of to help you live a smoke-free life.


If you’re over the age of 19 and choose to consume alcohol, do so responsibly to ensure everyone has a fun and safe experience. The misuse of alcohol, in addition to potentially creating unsafe situations, can have a negative impact on various areas of your health and well-being. So what does excess look like? For men, five or more drinks and for women, four or more drinks on any single occasion is considered binge drinking. 

Sexual Health

People often assume that sexual health is simply the absence of a sexually transmitted infection (STI). However, other areas of sexual health include avoiding unwanted pregnancies, consent, and an overall assumption of the responsibility of your body, to your partner’s body, and your decisions about sex and your sexuality.