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Thrive Planning Toolkit

Thrive Planning Toolkit

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Building positive mental health and wellbeing through your Thrive event or initiative

Positive mental health is an important aspect of overall well-being. When planning your Thrive event, it may be helpful to consider the questions below as guidelines to help your group and community thrive:

How could your event/activity provide opportunities for individual and/or community actions that support positive mental health and resilience?

You can do this through:

  • Advocacy
  • An educational event (eg. workshop, presentation or panel)
  • Fostering connections amongst your target audience/group
  • Skill building opportunities (eg. develop a new skill, try something new)
  • A landscape scan of what already exists on campus within your unit, department, group, club

How can your event/activity increase awareness of the connection between overall wellbeing and mental health?

  • Consider whether your event makes a connection between different aspects of overall wellbeing and mental health

How can your event be inclusive of diverse perspectives and populations on campus?

  • Review the Planning an Accessible Event document
  • Review your event idea with a group of stakeholders
  • Connect with the Thrive committee liaison
  • Connect with departmental administrators or organizational leaders

How can your event/activity increase awareness of Centennial’s commitment to supporting mental health and resilience?

  • Create awareness of existing campus resources
  • Encourage the utilization of available tools (self-help, online, academic, professional)
  • Highlight existing college policies and procedures related to mental health and wellness

Support for Special Events & Thriving Partners

The Thrive planning committee wants to help make your event a success. We can support your event or initiative by:

  • Providing activity ideas and planning resources
  • Working with you to build the theme of positive mental health into your event
  • Promoting your event on the campus in the weeks leading up to Thrive, and sharing poster templates and communications tools for you to use to support your own event promotion
  • Sending a Thrive Ambassador to your event as a representative and to provide event support

Resources Available


Thrive Event Planner's Checklist
Planning an Accessible Event


Thrive Planning Toolkit
Thrive Event Poster


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