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Accessible Testing Online Management System (ATOMS)

Accessible Testing Online Management System (ATOMS)


ATOMS (Accessible Testing Online Management System) is the Centre for Accessible Learning and Counselling Services (CALCS) online test booking system. ATOMS was designed to make the process of test booking more accessible for Students and Instructors.

Student Instructions and FAQ

How will this support Students?

  • ATOMS is a fully accessible system
  • Students can book their tests online 24/7 without the need to visit the CALCS
  • Instructors will be automatically notified upon booking via email - eliminating the need for the student to inform their instructor
  • ATOMS does not require the Yellow Accommodation form increasing student confidentiality
  • ATOMS utilizes myCentennial, a system that is familiar to students
  • ATOMS is prominently placed on myCentennial, visible to all Centennial students but only accessible to registered CALCS students

How will this benefit Instructors?

  • Instructors are able to confirm and upload tests online 24/7 and make modifications as needed eliminating the need to visit the CALCS
  • When booking a test that falls outside of class writing time, ATOMS permits instructors to view students timetables to schedule an alternative testing time
  • Yellow Accommodation forms are replaced with an online Test Booking form
  • All Test Booking forms for individual Instructors are now in one centralized location
  • ATOMS permits the uploading of tests, which allows for easier conversion to accessible formats
  • ATOMS will securely and temporarily store all tests on Banner for CALCS staff access only
  • Students will only be allowed to select from approved accommodations
  • Only students registered with the CALCS can use ATOMS

ATOMS: Student Instructions and FAQ


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