Services available at the Centre for Students with Disabilities

  • Accommodations for assessment procedures for college admission
  • Identifying appropriate *accommodations to meet academic and classroom requirements and collaborating with faculty to ensure appropriate accommodations
    • ASOP, an online system to email and download your Individual Student Profile. For more information, please visit ASOP
  • Disability counselling support
  • Learning Strategy support
  • Adaptive Technology support
  • Writing tests in the CSD with accommodations
    • ATOMS, an online system to book your tests with the CSD. For more information, please visit ATOMS
  • A range of specialized equipment and assistive devices for student use
  • Connect with publishers to assist students in getting access to books in alternative format (Kurzweil 3000, PDF, Microsoft Word, etc.)
  • Collaborate with Physical Resources to provide physical accommodations on campus such as access to designated parking spots
  • Transitional - pre and post college support services (Smart Services)
  • Dedicated resource support for students registered in apprenticeship programs
  • Facilitate when necessary the following:
    • Peer notetakers
    • Sign-language interpreters and/or computerized notetakers
    • Other supports as required

*Courses are not modified at the college level; rather, to level the playing field students are provided with accommodations.  These are based on assessments by a professional, such as a psychologist or medical doctor, that describe the students disability as well as the type of accommodations that the student might need.

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