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Indigenous Student Support By choosing to study at Centennial, you'll be provided with programs and services designed with your future success in mind. The program and services available will help aid your learning, motivate your involvement on-campus and support your personal development as a student.
College Programs and Courses Whether you're interested in training for your current or future career, earning transfer credits for university studies, or just pursuing your interests, Centennial College can help you reach your goals. With 100+ full-time programs, more than 160 part-time programs and 1,000s of part-time courses, you'll find what you (and your employers) need at Centennial.
How to Apply If you're thinking of applying to Centennial College, your first step will be to determine whether you meet the requirements and standards outlined.
Get Advice At Centennial, your success is a greatest reward. From the moment, you enter our doors and right through your studies, we are here to help. We have a number of resources and support to help you during your journey.
Student Advising and Counselling Culturally-sensitive advising and counselling is available to students who require assistance with any aspect of their lives and learning including: spiritual, academic, mental health, relationships, and career.
Student Financial Services After you complete your program selection and successfully make it through the admissions process you will need to look at ways to pay for your studies. Everyone’s financial situation is different so it is important to look at the options that work best for you.

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